ArtistShare: A Record Label for the Digital Age - All About Jazz - Paul Naser - 11/2013

After remarkable success with both its innovative model and its extraordinary roster of artists, ArtistShare founded by Brian Camelio is celebrating its 10th anniversary by looking towards the future as it begins a partnership with Blue Note Records.

Variations on a Theme: Perspectives on Fan Relationships - All About Jazz - Brian Camelio- 9/30/2010

Second in a two part series exploring the fan relationship and the crowdfunding model.

Exploring the Essence of the Relationship - All About Jazz - Brian Camelio - 6/28/2010

First in a two part series exploring the fan relationship and the crowdfunding model.

Are you bulletproof? - Billboard Magazine - Brian Camelio - 1/1/2008

Industry profile by Brian Camelio featured in Billboard magazine.

The Big Moo - Stop trying to be perfect and start being remarkable - Seth Godin - October 20, 2005

The Big Moo is an unprecedented collaboration of 33 of the world's smartest business thinkers, blending their best ideas on how you can remarkablize your organization.

The Challenges and Opportunities of Online Music: Technology Measures, Business Models, Stakeholder Impact and Emerging Trends - Government of Canada Publiciations  - Cathy Allison - 3/24/2004

In a 2004 study by Cathy Allison, a technology expert engaged by the Canadian Heritage’s Copyright Policy Branch "to capture a “snapshot” of current business models and technologies, and to contemplate possible future scenarios regarding the control and compensation for use of music" interviewed Brian Camelio as part of the research.

MUSIC; D.I.Y. Meets N.R.L. (No Record Label) - New York Times - Fred Kaplan - 7/4/2004

Record labels are still vital for many musicians. They get the CD in the bins; they advertise it; they put up the money to produce it in the first place.

But for those who already have a following and some capital, the new way has appeal. ''The guy who's doing this is on to something,'' said Michael Cuscuna, a veteran producer for the Blue Note jazz label, referring to AristShare founder Brian Camelio. ''For a lot of artists, it makes sense to take control of their future.''