We saved you a seat.

It's funny but this year seems to be the year where everything we were talking about at ArtistShare back in 2001 is coming to pass.  Someone recent equated musicians over the last decade to "canaries in a coalmine".  It couldn't have been stated any better.  Musicians seems to have been the sacrificial lambs of the Internet technology movement.  It seems as if only now musicians are beginning to realize that they in fact are holding all of the cards.  It's a little late but I don't think the situation is irreversible.  

When I started and built ArtistShare more than 15 years ago it was with an eye towards creating a model for artists that enabled them to be independent of any gatekeepers.  As long as the fans could directly support the artist and the artist took care of the fans it didn't matter how it was done.  Well, I am thrilled to see that artists are really coming to realize this.  ArtistShare artists/releases were up for 4 Grammy awards this year.   Maria Schneider brought home two (one for a collaboration with David Bowie).  It is all of a sudden not that uncommon for independent artists to be winning these types of awards for project funded by fans.  What a beautiful thing!  Come and join us for our revolution.  We saved you a seat.