Enter the Rubber Duck phase

We are in the final stages of testing and debugging the FanFunded.com website.  There are just a few more things we need to finish which are requiring some rubber duck debugging.  I use a my trusty pig Pablito. I found myself doing that most of the day yesterday as the snow came down in Manhattan. A grown man explaining the flow of the code to a plastic pig. Soon I will have to return to the day to day tasks of running ArtistShare which I love as well.  This is a welcome respite though.

Over the 18 years I have been coding I feel AngularJS is perhaps my favorite framework to date - client and server side combined (I have worked with many.  Who has a PERL camel t-shirt?).   Even though with Angular there was a slight learning curve and the documentation is not exactly stellar, the end results are just spectacular.   Performance, code organization, re-use.  It's amazing.

UPDATE:  Codementor.  Awesome service.   For experienced developers learning a new language or beginners I can't recommend it enough.  For our Angular work it was an indispensable resource.  We tried AirPair and the problem we had with them is that although it is a "managed" service, higher price does not mean better quality and the "manager" essentially is a scheduler and not much else.   AirPair I'm sure is great for some but it does not vet their programmers in a way where the price = the level of expertise. This was a confusing point and perhaps set up a false expectation.  Either way, this new breed of online mentoring services is amazing.  

Coming soon:  Rock Star Coders (literally)