AngularJS and

We are getting pretty close to launching our new fan-funding website   Since we are building it on top of our existing .NET/SQL backend (that we have been using for more than 10 years now - it's a workhorse for sure) it is quite easy to create a RESTful Javascript UI.  My initial instinct was to go for a JQuery solution and we were almost finished when I spent a couple of weekends diving into AngularJS.   I was told that "Angular is for SPAs" and "it will mess with your SEO" but after building a few apps with, I was (am) hooked.   Yes, I agree that it is ideal for SPAs however the benefits of the code organization and workflow really made sense to me coming from an OOP background.   I always found Javascript to be a bit messy and piecemeal.  AngularJS solves all of that (in my opinion).   The learning curve is a little steep but the benefits are huge.  I highly recommend checking it out before your next project.